Powerful in-house catalog design and management software.

Add unprecedented flexibility to your marketing mix.

Catalog Builder® transforms how businesses of all sizes share product information. This powerful in-house catalog design and management software system improves marketing reach and customer convenience through robust product content, customer-focused catalog options, and an exciting range of print and digital delivery mediums.

With only one database to maintain and design templates that are dynamically generated based upon the database content, it’s never been easier to design, populate, update, and publish remarkable product catalogs.

Multiple publishing mediums from a single database

With just a few keystrokes you can generate catalogs in the medium that best meets your customers’ needs. Publish beautiful full color print catalogs for long-term reference or quick market-specific mini catalogs in PDF. Catalog Builder’s publishing mediums include traditional print catalogs, searchable PDF catalogs, browser-based CD-ROM catalogs, and Internet catalogs

Seasonal, regional, market and dealer-branded mini catalogs

Planning a special event or seasonal promotion? Need catalogs for a particular market segment or industry? One of the most popular features of Catalog Builder is the ability to create targeted mini catalogs using a subset of the full-line catalog database. With just a few clicks, you can generate vendor-focused, seasonal, sale, and niche market mini catalogs.

Rich product content

Catalog Builder makes it easy to provide the detailed product information and images your customers need to make informed buying decisions. Already have content? You can import data from any standard source. Catalog Builder will adapt to your field definitions and support product specific attributes and images. You can also synchronize your Catalog Builder database with your inventory management system so that your catalogs are continuously updated with the latest pricing and availability information.

Advanced design and cost controls

By bringing catalog management in-house, Catalog Builder puts you in control of your catalog content and your publishing timetables. Plus it delivers the same eye-pleasing results as traditional production methods at a fraction of the cost. According to one customer, producing a 220 page catalog in-house with Catalog Builder software cost them less than half of what it would have cost to outsource it.

  • Publish as many catalogs as you want, in any combination of formats, as often as you wish
  • Compatible with Microsoft SQL to scale easily from a handful of local users to dozens or hundreds of users enterprise-wide
  • No programming and no graphic design required; choose from a variety of professionally designed, dynamic templates
  • Supports professional-level creative controls with Adobe InDesign Module