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Our solutions drive new sales efficiencies and customer convenience for businesses of every size and in almost every industry: electrical, plumbing, HVACR, industrial packaging, hardware, medical supply, and countless others.

Ecommerce orders appear on track to be around double of what they were last year.”— Blake Equipment

Even though this is a turnkey system, the team at Channel Software was always ready to help us make tweaks and adjustments to fit our needs.” — Temperature Control Systems

Channel Software used the API’s for our ERP system to integrate eCommerce21 so we could automate data sharing between the two systems,”— Buttery Company

We chose eCommerce21 not only because of its strong integration with Infor SX.e and the Grey Wolf APIs, but also for its catalog management tools and B2C capabilities.” — Rowleys Wholesale

The PIM is so streamlined in eCommerce21, that we will be able to include the other 30-40% of the products that we offer beyond our own inventory.” — Adams-Burch

We have seen approximately a 40% jump in web storefront traffic since we began using eCommerce21" — Buttery Company

The response from our beta test customer has been positive with great customer feedback and anticipated results." — Total Maintenance Solutions

We have seen the average dollar per order nearly quadruple since we began using Channel Software solutions.” — SPI Health and Safety

We are not quite sure how we presented all this information in the past without this type of technology.” — Conely Company