Professional Services with No Confusion.

Software isn't your business—But it is ours. Insuring your company's B2B ecommerce success is Channel Software's commitment to you.

Channel Software uses a defined implementation strategy to insure smooth sailing from the very start. We plan, we build, and we deliver. This is serious business and you should expect no less.

But we don't stop there. We offer ongoing support and consulting services to truly succeed and grow your business.

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Success in three steps: Plan. Build. Deliver.


Channel Software is relentless when it comes to planning for your results. Channel Software doesn't begin to build your B2B ecommerce site and configure our powerful software until every detail is documented. With your help, we ask and answer the detailed questions about your business goals. No item is too small as we document creative design, product arrange­ment, data schema, back office systems, and etc. All of which is captured and presented in a Project Plan to make this happen. Who does what? How? & When?


When the planning is done, it's time to build. Following the Project Plan, we orchestrate the creation of your site and assembly of your data. We can't do this alone, and the project plan will clearly de­fine your role in the effort. You can rely on the Channel Software team to keep you up to speed.


Bringing your site live is an exciting day. You've spent months, perhaps years preparing for this. Your business is about to change. Before we take any site live, we test rigorously to insure optimal perfor­mance from the get go.