Turn Your Online Storefront into a Mobile App

Your customers already use them for checking traffic conditions, finding the cheapest fuel, tracking expenses, and countless other conveniences. Now you can provide them with that same level of quick-click convenience for procurement.

Use eCommerce21 to create hybrid mobile apps for Windows, Android, and Apple IOS. This affordable, ready-to-go mobile commerce solution is an easy way to add another layer of mobile accessibility to your ecommerce strategy. Integrated with your back-end system, it pulls product data, images, pricing, and availability directly from your eCommerce21 Product Information Management (PIM) database or from PIMs from other ecommerce or ERP systems.

  • Hybrid apps for Windows, Android, and Apple IOS
  • Fully automated synchronization between shopping cart and back-end ERP systems
  • Secure shopping cart integration for Paypal, PayFlow Pro, Elements, CenPOS, Authorize.net, and others
  • Purchase history by order or part numbers

Lock In Customer Loyalty

eCommerce21 Hybrids Mobile Apps make it easy for customers to purchase products from their smart phones and tablets by delivering quick response times and simplified, predictable user experiences. Current product information, pricing, availability, order history, and special promotions are right at their fingertips. The convenience factor keeps them coming back. After all, would someone go to the trouble of typing another distributor’s URL into their phone, or simply click on your app?

A Budget-friendly Mobile App Solution

Business consumers now spend more time researching purchases on their mobile devices than on their desktops, so mobile accessibility will become increasingly important to your bottom line. Fortunately, mobile apps aren’t just for companies with big budgets anymore. The eCommerce21 platform eliminates the development costs that typically go into mobile apps, making it affordable for companies of all sizes to compete in the increasingly mobile B2B marketplace.