About Channel Software Corporation


Channel Software is an ambitious organization with talented professionals divided across dedicated teams:

  • Professional Services supporting Software and Consulting
  • Software Product and Development
  • User and Software Support
  • Business Management
  • Sales

Each team plays a unique, inter-dependent role in servicing our client. We are dedicated to insur­ing we are always exceeding the expectations for each and every user of our software and services.


Channel Software has built an organization guided by a set of Core Values that includes: integrity, inno­vation, hard work, and a promise to champion our clients. Our culture is one that celebrates diversity, work-life balance, family, friends, and having fun.


Since 2001 Channel Software's architectural platform and ERP integrations have been serving the complicated B2B ecommerce needs of for­ward thinking distributors and manufacturers. For nearly 20 years our suite of ecommerce products have helped define the B2B ecommerce category as we know it today. Channel Software's products have continuously driven the requirements of the B2B ecommerce practitioner. Examples like; back office integra­tions, modern site features, mobile apps, self-ser­vice maintenance consoles, and site editors are a small sample of the innovative thinking at Channel Software. Today, we are Connecting B2B™ more than ever.