Your company needs a powerful B2B eCommerce system to integrate with your Infor ERP.

Manufacturers and Distributors need powerful eCommerce today.

As a distributor, you can’t afford putting off a commitment to a B2B eCommerce program another year. Your competitors are ahead of you and already selling 24/7 online today.

We have you covered at Channel Software with Infor Rhythm differentiating features like:

  • Customer shopping experience with modern features, pages, and logical workflows.
  • Tools to manage and update all your site elements and PIM data.
  • Deep traffic and sales reporting.
  • API with comprehensive detailing.
  • URL customization and SEO optimization.
  • User roles that offer flexible configuration.
  • Flexible inventory presentation

Our modern B2B eCommerce software integrates with all Infor ERPs including CSD, SX, A+, as well as an offering for FACTS ERP eCommerce.

Continue your journey to breakthrough B2B eCommerce – learn about Channel Software’s years of experience, professional service teams, and powerful software suite. Contact us today.

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