Power to the People - Connecting B2B with a powerful buying experience

Having an ecommerce system is crucial to today's modern way of selling. If you don't have one, have an old system, or offer limited features in your cur­rent one, you may be hurting your sales. Customers buy from people they like, are easy to do business with, and have the products they want. Does your current ecommerce system deliver all three?

Channel Software is Connecting B2B buyers with powerful ecommerce tools to make doing business with you a pleasant experience.


Your ERP in ecommerce

Your company depends on your back office systems to manage clients, maintain product details, and guide the business process.

Channel Software connects B2B by integrating seamlessly with the industry's leading ERP and accounting systems. Systems that include: lnfor SX.enterprise, lnfor A+, FACTS, SHIMS, Epicor Eclipse, Prophet 21, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE, QuickBooks and many more.

With this integration - account details, parts data, pricing, inventory, shipping info, RMA, payments, and much more will always be avail­able real-time. Today, business is 24/7 and your ecommerce stores will always be in sync across your web and mobile presence.

Product Information Management + Data

When it comes to selling online, your ERP tells only half the story.

Often, back office systems don't manage the "rich" data that tells your product's story. Descriptive details like: product images, information, PDF documents, videos, and other elements that explain your products. Seen that in the ERP lately? Probably not. This data must be stored in a PIM.

A PIM lets your products come alive online, tell the story, and drive ecommerce. It's like having an extra sales team.

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Selling Your Products

Channel Software presents all of your ERP and PIM data in a modern and elegant B2B ecommerce experience. Design is crisp, navigation is easy, and information is clear.

Responsive Design, Apps for Mobile Devices.

Channel Software's responsive sites and mobile app are a perfect extension to your ecommerce efforts. These environments share all the design, functions, integration, and real-time relevancy with your ecommerce website. Even better, bar scanning via the app brings immediate ordering to the field, warehouse, stock room, and retail floor.

Presenting Parts Data and Search

The quickest way to please a customer on your B2B ecommerce site is to make their buying experience informed and speedy. Helping them quickly find the products is a great way to start.

Channel Software is Connecting B2B with powerful site search and presentation tools. Your buyer should be able to quickly access products by category, manufacturer, specifications, attributes, recommendations and more.

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Logins, Restrictions, Quotes, Orders, Carts, Workflows, Punch-Out, and More

Client's can be complicated; managing their details should be easy.

Channel Software allows for a variety of options that provide your clients access to important info like: account details, shipping, balances, payment options, and more.

Order process flows extend far beyond the notion of a simple "check-out". Your clients may require: logins for different users, differing product views, buying restrictions quoting, ordering, currency, shipping, tax, purchasing approval, payments, and other important ordering details.