Your ERP in ecommerce

Your company depends on your back-office systems to manage clients, maintain product details, and guide the business process.

Channel Software connects B2B by integrating seamlessly with the industry's leading ERP and accounting systems. Systems that include: lnfor SX.enterprise, lnfor A+, FACTS, SHIMS, Epicor Eclipse, Prophet 21, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE, QuickBooks, and many more.

With this integration - account details, parts data, pricing, inventory, shipping info, RMA, payments, and much more will always be available real-time. Today, business is 24/7 and via our real-time eCommerce integration, your site will always be in sync across your web and mobile presence.

Your ERP in ecommerce

eCommerce ERP Integration Diagram

ERP System Integration Diagram

Real-time ERP integration

Display up-to-the minute, customer-specific product and pricing information. Channel Software is engineered for complex B2B selling with direct ERP system integration. Ensure your salesforce, dealers, and customers take advantage of your ERP eCommerce with instant access to real-time inventory levels, special pricing, and order histories.

ERP Punch-out integration

Grow your revenue by ensuring your enterprise client are ready to buy from you via participation in their procurement punch-out programs. Allowing your corporate buyer, the opportunity to have an easy and quick buying experience will goes miles in developing your preferred supplier relationship.

ERP Punch-out integration diagram

Channel Software integrates with the leading ERP