Your company needs a powerful B2B eCommerce system to integrate with your Prophet 21 and Eclipse ERPs.

Digital reinvention is happening today.

Distributors and manufacturers can’t afford putting off a commitment to a B2B eCommerce program another year. Your competitors are ahead of you and already selling 24/7 online today.

It’s time to get this started but Epicor may be out of step with your needs. Be ready for a giant effort and even larger price tag as you work with Epicor, Magento, and third-party agencies to put the Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) product in place.

Whether you are running a legacy Epicor ERP, Epicor Prophet 21, or Epicor Eclipse – Channel Software has an integrated B2B eCommerce solution and implementation path for the future success of your modern selling efforts.

Channel Software supports Epicor ERPs with feature differentiations like:
  • Powerful administration tools for your data.
  • Deep performance reporting.
  • Crisp shopping experiences.

You owe it to your company to speak with Channel Software about our leading Epicor ERP system integration. Our years of B2B eCommerce experience keeps us focused on client success and innovation.

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